What should we expect?

January 2019

Reality has a way of mirroring expectation.

…What we put forth is what we get back.

Expect to find beauty and beauty you will find. See the light in others and light they will share.

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One response to “What should we expect?

  1. Terry Ryan

    Lauren, I was filing a new electronic review in my “guest reviews” directory on my computer and lo-and-behold, I came upon your review! Then I found your blog — and it now makes a complete circle for us — we frequently talk about you with our guests, especially the relationship you formed with Ayca…& then her family in Istanbul!! Wonderful…and the photo here titled “in-between” — and your musing about being in-between!!! Awesome, and in closing this quick greeting, I’ll quote you and state again, “Embrace the people and ideas that aren’t easily defined. And let’s always remember to love ourselves—whoever, wherever, whenever that might me.” Take care, be safe, and we certainly hope to meet and chat again — Ayca will be with us until July of 2017 and then we’ll sadly see her move on to blossom further in here endeavors! Take care! And stay in touch — even if it is once a year!! Terry, Dannie & Ayca :>)

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